Big Bang Theory Actors Want Huge Salaries

The fact that The Big Bang Theory is a huge success is widely known. So, there is no wonder that the actors of the famous television series are willing to negotiate for bigger salaries. However, it seems that the sum they are now asking is absolutely impressive. 

The contracts of the Big Bang Theory actors have not been renewed yet for the next season of the show. Reports reveal that actors are still in negotiations with the producers of the show, as they are asking to be paid with no less than $1 million per episode. Naturally, this is a huge sum of money and most likely negotiations will last for a while. 

In the lack of a deal between the two parties, production for the 8th season of The Big Bang Theory has been delayed. Initially, it has been announced that filming will start on July 30th, but most likely this date will be changed, as producers seem to not be willing to pay that much. 

Reports reveal that the cast of The Big Bang Theory, including its stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar, are asking for $1 million in payment for each episode of the new season. This is the sum that the cast of Friends had received for their highly successful last season of the show. Until now, reports have indicated that Parsons and Cuoco received $350,000 for an episode of Big Bang Theory, in its 7th season. 

However, it seems that Warner Bros. is earning no less than $3 billion for this television series, so there is no wonder in the fact that actors are willing to get more. Well, reports reveal that producers are almost sure that the cast of the show will reach an agreement when it comes to payment terms. 

The newest season of The Big Bang Theory will premiere on September 22, at least this is what has been revealed until now. It has also been announced that the show has been renewed for no less than 3 more seasons. The success of this show is without a doubt impressive.

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