Bieber Blows Up the Apollo Theater

Justin Bieber entertained the audience at the Apollo Theater on Monday even though the power went out for almost 40 minutes. The singer was determined to finish the concert in spite of the technical problems and he held an unplugged performance, says the Associated Press.

The “Boyfriend” interpreter literally blew up the stage at the Apollo Theater as his performance was interrupted by a power outage. Since most of the instruments and the lights on stage were no longer functional, Justin Bieber decided to wait for the power to come back.

After waiting for almost 40 minutes, the singer started to get frustrated because he felt he was disappointing his fans. As a consequence, he went on stage and explained his public consisting of mainly teen girls that the power was out and the band was unable to use the instruments. He further asked the audience to back him up as he was preparing for an unplugged performance.

The 18-year-old pop star sang his new single “Boyfriend” and the crowd sang it back for him. The public was ecstatic when Bieber interpreted the new hit from his album “Believe” as the girls were all dancing and singing to the song. In the end, he showed reverence to the great artists who also performed on the stage of the Apollo Theater, such as, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

The Apollo Theater’s rep told the press that the staff could not determine the cause of the power outage. However, it was all for the best as the show was much more appreciated this way. Justin Bieber’s manager described the entire performance as “one of the most special nights [he has] ever been a part of”.

Bieber’s Apollo concert, together with other similar appearances, was meant to promote the singer’s new album “Believe” which will be released on Jun 19, 2012. The outcome was better than the organizers of the show had hoped as Justin was very appreciated for his performance on Monday. His manager is convinced that the new album will make fans realize that Bieber is a really talented boy.

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