Beyonce to Respond to Divorce Rumors

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been in the middle of attention for quite some time now. The marriage of this beautiful couple has been under the radar, as it has been said that the two stars will actually divorce, as their relationship is damaged beyond repair. 

The two stars have always remained private about their affairs, avoiding to directly respond to the rumors. Beyonce has decided to respond to the speculation in her own way. The star has various times posted photos of the couple, showing that they are happy, no matter what people said. Now, the 32 year old singer posted a beautiful photo of herself, making a fashion statement. The pic was shared by Beyonce on her Instagram account. 

The photo was shared on Saturday. Beyonce is really sexy, while she is wearing a football jersey featuring the last name of her husband. The shirt has the name Carter written on the back. Beyonce is wearing nothing else in the picture she shared. The shirt has the number 4 on its back, too. The couple wedded on April 4th, in 2008. So, everything has a meaning in this picture. 

Currently, Beyonce and Jay-Z are on their On the Run Tour. The couple has been linked to divorce rumors for months now. Reports reveal that Jay-Z has cheated on Beyonce and this is why the two will separate. During their world tour, the two singers have taken some decisions that only fueled rumors. For instance, it has been revealed that Beyonce and Jay-Z are using different hotels, while they only meet on the stage. They are actually living separate lives on the tour, travelling separately. 

Moreover, it has been claimed that Beyonce was spotted apartment hunting alone. This is amazingly shocking, as it is a well-known fact that Jay-Z has always played an important role in the real estate purchases of the couple. It has been revealed that Beyonce and Jay-Z are just trying to make fans believe that there are no problems in their relationship until their world tour will be completed, after which the couple will file for divorce. It is yet to see if the rumors will be confirmed.

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