Beyonce Sings about Cheating

Beyonce surely managed to shock everyone, when she changed the lyrics of her song Resentment. While speculations on possible problems in this relationship emerged, Beyonce made quite a shocking decision, as she sang about cheating. 

Beyonce and Jay Z currently are on tour, naturally the famous On the Run tour. Until now it seemed that despite all the rumors, the two stars get along just fine and continue to be a happy couple. Well, now the latest performance of Beyonce might have come to change all that.  The star’s performance left fans wondering if she was talking about her husband or not. 

Beyonce changed the lyrics to her song Resentment, which was released in 2006. So, while performing on the stage in Cincinnati, Beyonce sang a beautiful, yet sad song. “Been ridin’ with you for twelve years. Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?” Beyonce said through the lyrics of her song. What Beyonce changed in these lyrics was actually the part about the “12 years.” The original version said “Been ridin’ with you for six years.” The emotional song talked about heartbreak, as well as about cheating.  

It has been claimed that Beyonce was extremely emotional when she performed this song. The beautiful and talented singer and Jay-Z have been together for years. They married in 2008, although they first started to date years back. In the most recent weeks, Beyonce and her famous and powerful husband have been under the radar, as it has been claimed that the two have serious problems in their relationship. Rumors were increased as it has been said that Beyonce and Jay Z are actually travelling separately for their joint tour.  

If the rumors are true and Beyonce and Jay Z have serious problems that may lead to their separation, it would surely be a pity to see this beautiful couple break up. The two have always seemed to be amazingly happy together, so it is quite surprising that their relationship might be going through some problems. 

However, it is important to mention that this is not the first time when Beyonce and Jay Z are linked to some affair rumors. Moreover, the couple seems to be perfectly fine since Beyonce posts a series of photos of the two on her Instagram, looking much in love. 

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