Beyonce Shares Beautiful Family Pic

While it is still rumored that Beyonce and Jay Z have problems in their relationship, it seems that the famous and beautiful singer just wants to prove everyone wrong. 

Beyonce recently posted a happy family photo, showing her husband and her daughter, Blue Ivy, walking down the street. The 32 year old singer has been married to Jay Z for no less than 6 years now. The couple have a beautiful baby daughter. 

Well, in the past few months, a series of rumors have been associated to this couple. Many reports revealed that Beyonce and Jay Z actually have problems in their relationship. While some said that the couple will separate because Jay Z has cheated on his wife, others indicated that Beyonce and Jay-Z are actually seeking counseling to make things work in their relationship once again. 

Once again, Beyonce tried to stop all rumors by posting a very beautiful photo that shows just how happy this family is. The star shared this photo on Monday, on her Instagram. In this pic Beyonce and Jay Z are seen walking with their 2 year old daughter, while they are both holding her hands. 

Currently, Beyonce and Jay Z are on tour together. The couple has been in the center of quite a big controversy, as it has been said that the two are going to separate, while their relationship cannot be repaired. However, it is also claimed that the two stars are currently undergoing marriage counseling for their problems.

While initially both Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to remain silent about these speculations, Beyonce managed to only increase rumors when she changed the lyrics to the song Resentment, single which she performed on stage on the couple’s joint On The Run tour. This song is about a woman who was cheated on. Soon after, Beyonce and Jay Z showed some signs of happiness and pure love, which reduced all comments on their relationship. 

Now, new reports indicate that the two stars are just willing to keep the appearances until the end of the On The Run world tour. This means that some sources claim that the two will separate once the tour will end.

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