Beyonce Said to be 4-Months Pregnant

Beyonce seems to be ready to welcome her second child. New reports indicated that the famous singer is four months pregnant.

The report was first published by Life & Style magazine, who has published a story on the alleged pregnancy, featuring a pic of Beyonce’s reported baby bump and claiming that the baby news came as the star’s marriage was falling apart. 

“She feels like she has been trying to have a second baby since Blue was born,” an insider said according to the magazine. “Her dream has finally come true,” it went on to add.

Of course, the report has not been confirmed by the singer or her famous husband. And naturally, this is not the first time when rumors say that Beyonce is going to welcome her second child. 

Actually, the second pregnancy rumors intensified this month, when Beyonce was spotted in Los Angeles keeping her hand on her belly, appearing to hide her bump. She was later seen wearing an oversized jacket, thus, rumors once again emerged saying that the star and her husband were set to become parents for the second time. 

However, this may not mean that things are going perfectly well between the two. Actually, it has been claimed that the famous celebrity couple is still dealing with marriage problems that might lead to their divorce. So, reportedly, although Beyonce is carrying a child, she and Jay Z are going to separate. Reports said that the two have spent a lot of time apart lately, because of their busy schedules. 

However, sources claimed that the two are also fighting a lot and Beyonce’s “super moody” behavior is not helping at all. “Jay snapped. He yelled, ‘You’re not the boss of me!’ Her response was to hurl a cell-phone across the room, missing him and hitting a painting instead,” the source said about a fight that reportedly took place between the two. 

Divorce rumors have been on for quite some time when it comes to this famous couple. However, each time the rumors proved untrue, as Beyonce and Jay Z remained together. It is yet to see if these latest rumors will turn out being true. 

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