Beyonce’s Move Your Body helps you to lose weight

Beyonce has joined Michelle Obama`s “Let’s Move” campaign.This campaign is against childhood obesity and it promotes dance as a very fun and efficient way to move.

Singer joined the movement “Let’s Move! Flash Workout” in March this year and now she has released a video in which she moves like an aerobics instructor.

In America one child in three is overweight or obese and 150 billion are spent annually to treat diseases related to obesity, so we know very well that is an important issue.

About 32% of children and adolescents are overweight or obese, according to recent statistics. Almost 20% of children aged between 6 and 11 years and 18% of those in the 12-19 years age segment are obese. Overweight children risk to became obese in adulthood and are prone to problems with cholesterol or diabetes.

If you want to lose weight with the help of  Beyonce, now’s your chance! In the video, the singer proposes some simple and quick movements, which help you  to burn enough calories  to tone your muscles(in just 4 minutes).

The lyrics also sustained the move: “Let me see you run / Put your knees up in the sky /  A little sweat aint never hurt nobody / Don’t just stand there on the wall / Everybody just move your body”.
The music is very funny and the rhythm motivates you to jump up!

The video will be distributed in all high schools across the country to promote the benefits of living and eating healthy.

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  1. i love you i want to lose 8 or more by i dont know how can you do this for people like in the 4 grade and up come to louiana and help us lose this fat plaese i need it me and my brother and my mom plaese help us but im have listened to your song and i think it helped me i did it about 7 time it is so much fun well thanke you and bye and plaese come to louiana plaese and thanke you ok bye

  2. Hey I really want to lose weight so I heard this song playing on the radio and I said to myself I got to watch the music video and when I seen the music video I say I have to learn how to do the dance so when I did it it my heart pump real hard so I did it four times every night

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