Beyonce Rumored To Be Pregnant Again

Baby Blue Ivy isn’t even one year old, but tabloid media has Beyonce pregnant again. Fans reacted on Twitter with greets, whereas Beyonce was only rumored to be pregnant again.

When it comes to celebrity pregnancy, the subject goes viral. When it comes to Beyonce, it’s hard to keep the internet from going frenzy. MediaTakeOut.com and Hollywood Life had Beyonce pregnant again after the singer was seen having a baby bump at a party.

The pictures that had tabloid media immediately spark the rumor that Beyonce is pregnant again were taken on September 23, during a party she and Jay-Z attended in Washington Heights. An insider told Hollywood Life Beyonce showed up at the La Marina restaurant in tight-fitting leopard dress that revealed her new baby bump. The same source confirmed that Beyonce is definitely expecting a second baby.

MediaTakeOut.com had a similar report, writing they’ve got the pictures that confirm Beyonce is pregnant again. “A few months back we told you guys that Jay and Bey were telling folk that they were PREGNANT…some of y’all ain’t believe us – but now there’s PROOF” reads the intro to MTO’s report.

“Beyonce stepped out yesterday showing a CLEAR BELLY BULGE that was not there just a few weeks ago. And remember the LAST TIME Bey was pregnant – she wasn’t big AT ALL” MTO adds. Well, it’s obvious there’s just no denying it, Beyonce is pregnant again just because of that.

The news that Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a second baby went viral on Twitter. Fans sent their greets. “I say everyone on earth stop reproducing, and allow Beyonce and Jay-Z to create their own breed of superhuman” one user reacted. “Can’t believe Beyonce is pregnant again!” another one posted.

In the meanwhile, the rest of the media isn’t so convinced about the reports that Beyonce is preparing to be a mom for a second time. The Washington Post urges the Internet to calm down saying there are tons of reasons why Beyonce isn’t in fact pregnant, or at least right now.

The alleged baby bump in the Media Take Out pictures looks more like a ripple. The PR firm, that in fact put the pictures out there, says that it wasn’t a baby bump, it “just looked a little unintentionally bumpy in one image”.

In the end, Beyonce’s mom herself denies the pregnancy rumors. “It’s gonna happen when it’s time, but not right now. Of course I [want more grandchildren] though! I harass [Beyonce] all the time!” Tina Knowles told Access Hollywood.

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