Beyonce: Most powerful Celebrity in the World

Forbes has just revealed its list of the most powerful celebrities in the world. Apparently, Beyonce is number one on this top. 

The famous singer is said to have made no less than $115 million during the least year, between June 2013 and June 2014. So, Beyonce is  now the hottest star in the world, when it comes to both earnings and fame. Forbes reveals that much of these earnings are actually linked to the massive success that Beyonce obtained on her Mrs Carter tour. 

The singer made no less than $2.4 million per city in the series of concerts she performed. Naturally, the Single Ladies singer has released a new album this year, as well, which managed to bring Beyonce an amazing profit. This album established a new record, as it actually broke records selling no less than 617,000 copies in just three days. 

Naturally, Beyonce made a lot of money from the advertising campaigns she was part of, as well. Her image was used by companies such as H&M and Pepsi, among many others. 

Well, if Beyonce is no. one on the most powerful celebrity list, the second spot is occupied by no one else than LeBron James. The star made an estimated sum of $72 million. Naturally, this sum cannot be compared with the earnings that Beyonce managed to achieve. Dr. Dre came third this year on the list developed and published by Forbes. 

Oprah came only fourth this year, while top five was completed with popular television show host Ellen DeGeneres. On top ten, we can find names such as Jay Z, Floyd Mayweather, Rihanna, but also Katy Perry and Robert Downey Jr. It surely is very interesting to discover the fact that both Beyonce and Jay Z are in top 10. Most recently, rumors indicated that the two stars might have certain problems in their marriage, which may actually make the two break up. Until now, there is no confirmation on these rumors. 

When it comes to shocking evolutions, the case of Justin Bieber is worth mentioning. The star fell to number 33, from number 9, which is surely something that we did not expect. 

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