Beyonce Attends Met Gala without Husband Jay-Z

After some new cheating rumors have been associated to famous singer Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z, it seems that the star decided to attend the Met Gala alone. Furthermore, Beyonce decided to remove her wedding ring. 

Without a doubt, Beyonce managed to draw all the attention as she arrived on the red carpet in New York City, alone. This was naturally a curious change from last year’s appearance, when Beyonce arrived on the red carpet alongside her famous husband.

Beyonce looked very beautiful donning a latex flesh-tone dress and opted for straight long hair. This is the first red carpet appearance for Beyonce since the release of her latest musical work, Lemonade. 

Naturally, this only leads to more rumors on the singer’s potential marriage problems, as Beyonce’s latest songs seemed to have indicated that her husband had cheated on her.

Of course, Beyonce confirmed nothing, but this has not stopped rumors, which claimed that the Jay-Z might have cheated on his famous wife with Rita Ora, Rachel Roy or even Iggy Azalea. 

Well, not only that Beyonce was spotted alone and she decided to leave her wedding ring at home for her latest appearance, but some new rumors also indicated that the two singers decided to remove their wedding tattoos. A report by Radar Online revealed that the couple gave up their matching ring tattoos, amid the cheating rumors. 

Both Beyonce and Jay-Z were also spotted without their wedding rings on the first day of Beyonce’s latest world tour, in Miami. Well, while some claimed that Beyonce and Jay-Z are close to a divorce, others said that it was all a show and the pair was fine. Parent Herald cited some sources claiming that the pair fabricated the whole thing and Jay-Z was actively involved in the process. Reportedly, the pair made up the cheating story to draw attention and make everyone believe that Jay-Z has been unfaithful for the release of Lemonade. 

The report indicated that Beyonce and Jay-Z believed that the cheating rumors would help the album gain exposure, without them having to work to promote it.

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