Beyonce and Jay-Z Travel Separately on Tour

Are Jay Z and Beyonce having problems in their marriage? The celebrity couple is currently on tour, promoting their music and their singles. However, reports reveal that the two might have problems in their private life. 

Beyonce and Jay Z actually lead separate lives on their tour. The marriage of this famous couple has been under the radar for months. Apparently, the two travel separately and stay in different hotel rooms, thing which has naturally much increased the rumors that they have problems in their relationship. 

“They might be sharing a stage, but while on tour they’ll live practically separate lives,” a source claimed. The same source added that “tensions between them are worse than ever, meaning they will be travelling between venues independently, staying in different hotel suites and even having separate entourages.” “They’ll also have individual dressing rooms, so the only times they’ll be together will be while they’re performing,” it concluded. 

Naturally, the couple only managed to create numerous rumors saying that the two actually have problems in their relationship. It seems that the problem that this famous couple has is trusting one another. Numerous rumor on infidelity have been linked to the two. Maybe Beyonce and Jay Z will not be able to remain together for long. 

Beyonce and Jay Z have a beautiful two year old daughter together. Sources claimed that the problems in their marriage have actually even made the two think about cancelling the tour. However, as canceling was not an option, the couple had to maintain the appearances and go on with the show. 

Despite all rumors, Beyonce and Jay Z seem to be quite happy together. On the stage they looked really relaxed and happy. Their performance was beautiful and the two were amazing. Moreover, despite feeling comfortable on the stage, they revealed to their fans some unseen footage from their wedding, as well as some pics with their baby daughter. 

Naturally, fans loved to see Beyonce and Jay Z on the stage together. If tensions between the two are real and if the celebrity couple plans on separating, it will surely be a pity to see Beyonce and Jay Z part ways. 

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