Beyonce and Jay-Z Show their Love on Stage

It seems that Byonce and Jay-Z have finally decided to show the world how much they love each other. The couple has shown their love on stage at the latest performance from their famous tour. 

Apparently, Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted to finally put an end to all rumors on their relationship. In the past few weeks it has been claimed that the two stars might have problems when it comes to their marriage. The couple has been linked to numerous infidelity rumors, as it has been said that the rapper cheated on his beautiful wife. 

Well, the latest performance of the two may stop all rumors and infidelity accusations. Beyonce and Jay-Z looked very happy and much in love on stage. In fact, the two seemed to not get enough of each other while they performed the song Forever Young. Their latest performance at the Citizens Bank Park Stadium in Philadelphia has been absolutely impressive. 

The couple held hands, smiled at each other and seemed as close as possible. They walked off stage holding hands at the end of the concert and their happiness was really simple to see in their eyes. Of course, some claim that the couple wanted to look so happy, as they are actually willing to stop these rumors regarding their relationship, even though the problems are real for the two. 

Rumors increased after Beyonce’s performance, who changed the lyrics of the song Resentment. Apparently, the singer decided to change a part of the song. “Been riding with you for six years,” has been changed to “Been riding with you for 12 years.” This is the exact amount of time that Beyonce and Jay-Z have spent together. Of course, this only made rumors worse, while the couple kept silence on what their plans were. 

Soon, rumors surfaced to reveal that Beyonce was actually cheated by her husband with no one else than famous singer Mya. It has been said that Mya is having an affair with the rapper. Naturally, Mya denied the claims and now Beyonce and Jay Z seem absolutely happy together.

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