Beyonce and Jay-Z Not Sleeping in the Same Bedroom

Beyonce and Jay-Z are constantly associated with some separation rumors. Now, it seems that new such rumors emerged. According to the latest reports, Beyonce and Jay-Z are dealing with some marriage issues, which make them live in separates areas of their home in Beverly Hills. 

The news was first reported by Radar Online. The report said that not only that Beyonce and Jay Z are no longer sleeping together, but they are actually trying to avoid each other as much as they possibly can. Thus, some insiders talking to Radar Online claimed that the two are living in separate areas of their house and naturally, they have separate bedrooms. 

“Jay-Z and Beyonce each have their own bedrooms,” a source claimed. “They are on opposite sides of a long hallway with Blue Ivy’s room in between them,” the same insider went on to add. Of course, this is not the first time when an insider says that Beyonce and Jay Z got into some arguments. Previously, a source claimed that the famous pair got into a bad fight in front of the entire staff. 

“Beyonce blew up at Jay-Z for no reason and was barking orders at everyone like she was the first person to ever move into a new home,” the source said. “They got into a huge fight in front of everyone over how he is handling the move. He told her that they only reason they chose this place to begin with is because it is what she wanted, not him. He told her that he is really sick and tired of being her b***h,” the insider explained. 

Beyonce and Jay Z have not directly talked about these latest rumors. However, it definitely is safe to say that the two are quite used to such comments being made in the media. Various times, reports on their alleged marriage problems have been dismissed by reps for this couple. And all the reports turned out being untrue, as Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to continue to be a happily married couple. The two have been married for no less than seven years and they have a daughter together. 

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