Beyonce and Jay-Z are fighting over their Children

Beyonce and Jay-Z are set to welcome twins, but rumors are indicating that the two famous singers are dealing with some relationship issues despite the fact that they are going to become parents for the second time.

The latest news about Beyonce and Jay-Z were first published by a Daily Star report. The report indicated that Jay-Z and Beyonce are fighting all the time about their children. Allegedly, the rapper was quite upset and stressed with the fact that his wife made him buy two Dodo Bassinet Golden Edition cribs that were wrapped in champagne silk sheets. Reportedly, they cost about $106,000, so there is no wonder that Jay-Z was not happy at all.

A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that this was not the only purchase that Beyonce asked her husband to make in the process of preparing the welcoming of their twin babies. The report claimed that the rapper also paid $85,000 for gold pendants encrusted with diamonds. Of course, the demands that Beyonce allegedly has from her husband are not making the relationship better.

“Beyonce has been yelling at almost everyone who works for them because she says that no one is living up to her expectations right now,” the insider said. “They are still fighting non-stop and Jay-Z is just super stressed out right now,” the same source added. As imagined, there are no official comments from the two stars at this point.

However, it is safe to say that Beyonce and Jay-Z will most likely not address any of these rumors, as the stars have always tried to stay very private about their personal lives. Well, despite that, this is not the only report saying that the pregnancy has not made things easier between Beyonce and Jay-Z. One report claimed that things are not that great between the two stars.

The report said that despite the fact that they are set to become parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z were actually planning on separating. Rumors on a potential divorce have been ongoing for years when it comes to this celebrity couple, but it seems that Beyonce and Jay-Z have always proven these rumors wrong.

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