Beyoncé Is Pepsi’s New Brand Ambassador

Huffington Post reports that Beyoncé is Pepsi’s new brand ambassador after signing a $50 million deal with the company on Monday. The pact brings lots of benefits both for the singer and for the beverage company.

Beyoncé has finally entered the group of singers who have been selected to represent the Pepsi brand across the world. The R&B singer is now the brand ambassador of the company and will receive $50 million to use her image next to the one of the famous bubbly juice.

Based on the previsions of the contract, the singer-turned-actress will take part in various promotional events organized by the company and will feature in the upcoming Pepsi commercial. The beverage brand, on the other hand, will make significant investments in the singer’s creative projects.

Pepsi, like many other international companies is trying to make its way in the music business in order to increase products’ visibility. This strategy has been adopted by many other companies, such as, Red Bull, Scion and Converse. Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Media House have been funding original content for a long time so they could supply for the declining marketing budgets.

This is not the first collaboration between Beyoncé and Pepsi. The singer has been working with the company since 2002 and her most recent commercial was created with Britney Spears, P!NK, Jennifer Lopez and David Beckham’s participation. In addition the Super Bowl halftime show that Beyoncé will host next year is also sponsored by Pepsi.

According to a recent report published by Billboard, Pepsi and Coca-Cola are the biggest companies that are willing to invest in advertisements that rely on the music business. These two have spent around $330 million on campaigns that feature entertainment and sports personalities. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, on the other hand, are the best paid celebrities in the entertainment industry at present. The “Love on Top” interpreter earned $40 million last year, whereas her husband was only $2 million behind with a one-year revenue of $38 million.


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