Beyerdynamic T51i, one of the best headphones on the market

Searching for a really good pair of on-ear headphones on the market, could be quite a challenging mission. There are several good headphones, but finding the right pair that could match the user’s desires is not impossible. Even if they sound good, probably they are not so comfortable. So, yes, there is pretty hard to find the perfect on-ear headphones. That’s why, Beyerdynamic T51i is probably one of the best headphones on the market. This on-ear pair features top-notch and it is also comfortable to wear. They are available for the price of 300 dollars.

Beyerdynamic T51i are made in Germany. The T51i model is the successor for T50, but with more updates and a better sound. The main attraction on this model, compared with now-discontinued T51p, are the three-button inline remote and microphone, which are addressed to work with Apple’s tablets and smartphones. Unfortunately, they mainly fully function with Windows devices or Android devices. These headphones are lightweight, having only 174 grams, made by mostly metal design. They don’t feature a hinged headband, but the earcups fold flat, making them easy to storage in the supplied carrying case. 

To be mentioned that the earcups are padded with memory foam allowing them to seat comfortably on the user’s ears without applying too much pressure. Another great thing is that the headband conforms to the owner’s head and doesn’t leave a gap in the temple region, compared to several headphones that are found on the market. That being said, Beyerdynamic T51i are very comfortable and they can be worn for several hours without experiencing any discomfort. The isolation from external noise is decent, even if they are not up to the standards set by noise-canceling headphone models, although, Beyerdynamic T51i sounds way better compared to any of those headphones. To be mentioned that these headphones come with two years warranties, compared to other headphones that have only one-year warranties.

Beyerdynamic T51i is a compact audiophile headphone that delivers top-notch sound and is well-built. Probably, the design is not on everyone’s taste, but they are comfortable and can be used for long hours.

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