Betty White, third celebrity to attend the Marine Corps Ball

Actress Betty White is the third celebrity asked out to the Marine Corps ball by a Marine. Only hers seems to be the coolest. Sergeant Ray Lewis gives his best shot videotaping his invitation and demonstrating his athletic, romantic and comic talents to White, in the hope that she will say yes.

What started out like a simple emotional invitation to a Ball turned out to be giving birth to a trend. Now everyone working in the Marine is asking a celebrity out to the Marine ball in November. What’s next: someone inviting Betty White? Exactly!

Here’s what happened. As Sgt. Lewis explained himself, “since I figured we’ve got one marine asking Mila Kunis to the Marine Corp Ball, then we have another Marine, asking out Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball, I figured ‘Hey, why not? Why don’t I ask someone out to the Marine Corps Ball?’ So I figured out I’m gonna ask…” At this moment the video stops as Sgt Lewis realizes he is not quite dressed up for an official invitation. We can see him seconds later all dressed up in his ball uniform, holding a red rose and saying his ideal date would be Betty White. “She’s funny, sweet, mature — she’s the all-around perfect woman.” Sgt. Lewis believes they would have a great time together and ends up his video invitation saying “Call me!”

We wonder how the actress, who is 90 years old, will react. Her celebrity colleagues who have been invited so far, actress Mila Kunis and singer-actor Justin Timberlake, have both accepted their invitations. Kunis,30,  was the first one invited, by Sgt. Scott Moore; then Marine, Corporal Kelsey De Santis asked out Timberlake, 30, just a week apart.

Actress BettyWhite is known to be a very active, funny, full of life person. We hope she’ll say yes.

Now, Mrs. White, you have to say yes! Everyone else did!

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