Betty White – America’s Favorite Celebrity

A recent survey performed by Encino, California-based E-Poll Market Research shows that the 90-year-old comedian Betty White remains America’s favorite celebrity, whereas other actors like Tyler Perry suffered a setback. The results of the celebrity poll were published on Thursday after comparing the numbers provided by the weekly surveys done by the company.

The employees of E-Poll Market Research have compared the data they have gathered through their weekly surveys in order to determine who the favorite celebrity of America is. Based on the answers provided by respondents, White was the most liked Hollywood star in 2010 and 2011. The second and the third places were occupied by Sandra Bullock and Michael J. Fox, respectively.

Not all stars enjoy the same appreciation as Tyler Perry, who used to be very popular among American viewers, dropped by 14 points in the recent survey. The company blames this decrease on the “South Park” spoof that the star has previously created and the controversies that surround him at present.

Randy Parker, a spokesperson for E-Poll, told reporters that Perry was one of the most appreciated stars several years ago. In 2010, the actor was very popular, but now he is only appreciated by 20 percent respondents. Comedian White, on the other hand, was chosen by 53 percent respondents.

Despite the negative results he obtained in this year’s celebrity poll, Perry continues to be very appreciated by his solid group of fans. In addition, he constantly occupies the first positions of the U.S. box office charts thanks to the films he writes, directs and stars in. Unfortunately, some critics have accused Perry of perpetuating black stereotypes through his movies; thus, causing Perry to lose his popularity.

Aziz Ansari is one of the new celebrities who are increasingly becoming more popular at Hollywood. He has rapidly climbed up the popularity ladder thanks to his stand-up performances because he went up 16 points from last year’s survey. As a result, he was ranked the biggest winner of the 2012 E-Poll survey.

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