Bethenny Frankel suffered a miscarriage

CBS started airing a new season of “Bethenny Ever After” on Monday night, but the actress declared right before the show that she has been through a difficult period because she suffered a miscarriage. Frankel was pregnant in her eight week when she lost the child causing her to go through a roller-coaster of emotions.

Bethenny Frankel and her husband, Jason Hoppy are the happy parents of a 21-month-old daughter named Bryn. The actress found out that she was pregnant with her second child and she was glad to welcome a new baby in her home. Unfortunately, the reality TV star suffered a miscarriage during her eight week.

According to the actress’ declarations, the couple was not looking to conceive another baby. They told the press that they are grateful for the healthy little girl they have. The experience has helped them understand the drama that other families go through when they can’t have children of their own.

The only explanation that Bethenny Frankel has found for her miscarriage is her age. At 41, the actress is aware that her options of getting pregnant are considerably diminished, but the reality TV star is not upset as she has a beautiful daughter to focus her attention on.

There have been happy events in the couple’s life, as well. Frankel is actually expending her wealth as she has recently bought a new apartment with her husband.

Television projects keep on coming, too. The actress was present on Bravo’s show on Monday where she confessed that she will host a new television programme on Fox starting June 11. She declared that the show will address the female audience, but unlike other girlfriends broadcast, her show will be honest.

Frankel doesn’t want to be the only one who draws the public’s attention; therefore, she will try to get everyone involved in the conversations. The actress did not say when the show will be broadcasted, but it is believed that she will receive a daytime platform.

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