Bethenny Frankel Keeps Mum About Divorce Rumors

Bethenny Frankel was confronted with a series of divorce rumors ever since she started promoting her upcoming talk show “Bethenny” several months ago, says Washington Post. The reality TV star stays mum in spite of reporters’ insistence on finding the truth.

Bethenny Frankel is known for her appearance in the reality TV show “Real Housewives of New York” and her “Skinnygirl” line of products. Her increasing popularity has helped Frankel create her own talk show, “Bethenny” which will air on Fox starting this summer. The busy schedule that the presenter has had in the past months might have led to a separation between Bethenny and her husband, Jason Hoppy, but rumors haven’t been confirmed yet.

Sources claim that the couple has been constantly fighting over various subjects and they can’t seem to enjoy being in one another’s presence. They tried to solve their issues with the help of a marital counselor, but it didn’t work. Viewers who were watching “Bethenny Ever After” witnessed the discussions between the two. At a certain point, Bethenny even concluded that their relationship is off the course.

Multiple sources claim that the two are heading towards an imminent divorce because they can’t seem to agree on anything. In fact, Frankel is making all the necessary preparations to file for divorce, according to insiders. The soon-to-be exes have been spotted during a meeting with their lawyers earlier this week and tabloids think the process might be on its way.

Although the separation between the two is not official, the “Real Housewives of New York” star was spotted in company of her “Skinnygirl” business partner, Matt Hesse, looking rather romantically involved. The two went to Phillipe Chow’s restaurant in New York and sat in a private dining area. They were holding each other’s hands as they walked through the restaurant.

Given that the divorce might have been caused by a third party, Jason is entitled to require compensation on accounts of infidelity. Neither Bethenny, nor Jason has agreed to speak with the press, so the rumors haven’t been confirmed yet. The reality TV star promised to explain the whole situation in her upcoming talk show.

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  1. Jason is THE BEST! I think fame has clouded her judgement she doesn’t know how to love someone who has her back all the time. She treats her inlaws like they are the enemy, she doesn’t know how to love a family life. If they divorce I only hope Jason get Bren!

    She is too buzy making money and not a relationship. So sorry Bethennhy, I liked you when you were you….you are now a bitch. I will never watch you talk show.

  2. It would be wonderful if Bethany thought about someone other than herself. I am referring mainly to her beautiful little girl. I am so hopeful these are only divorce rumors. Bethany should watch her show….she never stops complaining,never stops talking, always sarcastic, and shows very little respect to anyone, especially Jason and his family. If she isn’t complaining her mouth isn’t moving. Her past should have made her aware that her daughter needs both of her parents full time!

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