Best Screen Protectors for iPhone in 2013

Many iPhone owners want to know if a screen protector is really necessary since today’s high end devices are more resistant. iOS screens do feature capacitive digitizers that are highly resistant, but scratches do ruin the visual aspect and will drop the reselling market value consistently. A lot of iPhone users have argued that the tough Gorilla Glass screen is very hard to scratch, yet many like to be safe than sorry, not to mention a screen protector will keep all those nasty fingerprints off the screen.

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD
Although it feels a bit rubbery and will hold on to oil, the ZAGG screen protector for iPhone is a great product, withstanding damages more hazardous than scratches. During tests, the ZAGG screen protector kept the iPhone protected from damage when grazed by an arrow, being dropped on a bed of nails and even the blast of fire.

Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail
If you’re looking for a screen protector fit for the sleek iPhone 5, Sir Lancelot’s Armor Holy Grail is the product for you. It’s more expensive than the ZAGG, but it offers increased protection. The screen protector is made of 9H hardness tempered glass 0.4mm thick, so it is by far one of the hardest of its kind. It leaves no bubbles on the screen, since the adhesive part is under its color portion. The only caveat is that the Home Button feels a bit sunken because of the screen protector’s thickness.

Good Gadget Glass Guard
For about $30 you can get an iPhone screen protector that withstands hammer blows, so you can rest assured scratches won’t cause any damage. It also features an oil-resistant coating and an anti-glare screen and will be able to keep the screen safe even if you drop it. The adhesive part however isn’t as durable as others’ so you might have to invest $30 in a screen protector for your iPhone sooner than the 2-3 months recommended.

ScreenGuardz Pure for iPhone 4/4S
This is the cheapest screen protector for iPhone, however its affordability isn’t a sign of poor performance. The screen protector is smooth and quite responsive, but do not expect it to be indestructible. It keeps the iPhone protected against scratches, just make sure there isn’t any dust on the screen when applying the ScreenGuardz Pure protector.

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