Best Paid Hollywood Stars In 2012

Forbes, the famous American business magazine, has published a list with the names of the best paid Hollywood stars in 2012. To see the names of the five best paid actors and actresses in 2012 read the full article.

Natalie Portman has not released any new movie in 2012, but she continues to have a lead on the rest of the actresses when it comes to comparing revenues. According to Forbes, Portman is making $42.70 for every $1 she’s paid and all thanks to the 2011’s hit “Black Swan”. In addition to money, the actress also received an Oscar Award, a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA Award due to her interpretation in the $329 million-worth movie.

“Twilight Saga” queen, Kristen Stewart landed on the second spot after her 2012 contracts brought her $40.60 for every $1 she earned. The famous actress made a fortune after filming “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”, the final chapter of the vampire-based trilogy. She also signed a proficuous contract with the producers of the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” which brought her on the same set with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. The good news is the actress has already signed a new deal for the sequel of the “Snow White and the Huntsman”, so we will most likely read about her in next year’s issue of Forbes.

With just $35.80 on the dollar, Shia LaBeouf sits on the third position of the chart. The actor’s financial status could suffer some changes in the future, in Forbes’ opinion, as the “Transformers” star repeatedly expressed his intentions to trade blockbuster films with those pertaining to a more independent genre.

Robert Pattinson had parts in numerous movies in 2012, such as, “Twilight Saga” and “Comopolis”, but his flicks were not as popular as producers expected. He only got $31.70 for every dollar he got paid thus arriving on the fourth place in Forbes’ chart. Daniel Radcliffe barely made it among the top five best paid stars, with slightly smaller revenue than the one registered by Pattinson.

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