Best iPhone and iPad Cases for Kids

If you thought the offer of adult iPhone 5 cases is huge, wait ‘till you see what accessory makers have prepared for kids. Protective cases for iPad and iPhone that range from fluffy pets a 4-year-old could fall asleep in a comfy hug to panda, kittens and tigers that 8-year-olds will love. Thanks to iPhone 5, it has become a lot easier to find a useful and convenient gift for your friends’ children or your own nephews.

Woogie for iPhone and iPod Touch

For $24.99 you can buy the interactive Woogie case, which makes video and gaming a lot more comfortable, and if it weren’t for the child-like design, it would be just as great for teenagers and grown-ups too. The soft, fluffy case has five legs that flop out into a flat position to keep the device steady and there’s even a free app available that transforms the iPhone case into a pet.







Kazoo for iPhone 5 by Griffin

If the kid must have an iPhone 5 at least make sure it is protected. For $24.99, you can buy an elephant or monkey shaped iPhone 5 case made from soft silicone that keep the device protected and the kid satisfied with the case’s design. For younger kids, an animal-shaped case will teach them about animals and colors, so win-win situation.

Fisher Price Apptivity Case

The best part about owning an iPhone and having a kid is you have tons of educational apps to teach the little one about colors, animals, shapes, not to mention it keeps them busy while you’re having a meal for instance. Fisher Price Apptivity Case is an iPhone or iPod Touch case that sells for $20 at Toys R US. It’s sturdy enough to withstand teething, dribbles and drool, falls and repeated pressing of the home button and looks just as appealing as any other children’s toy.





iGuy iPad Cover

This case fits all full-sized iPads and is made to help make the tablet a lot easier to hold. The cover is made from foam that is squeezable and it is designed to act as a stand for iPad. Although it is lightweight, the cover can stand on his own feet making it a lot more comfortable for your kid to watch cartoons. However, it feels like the screen is way too exposed to withstand drooling and excited little baby fists. It costs $39.95 and is available in four color themes.

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