Best iPhone 5 Camera Accessories

There are a lot of features the 8MP iSight camera on iPhone 5 provides, enticing enough for today’s users. It can video record in HD up to 1080p up to 30 frames per second with audio, it has autofocus, face detection both in still images and video, LED flash, improved video stabilization and photo and video geotagging, as well as panorama. Even the FaceTime HD camera is able to record HD video at 720p, up to 30 frames per second.

Although the standard features of your iPhone 5 camera are good enough for Instagram, accessories will completely revamp your photography and video recording experience. In fact, some iPhone 5 camera accessories, lenses and cases, will give you the possibility to use that 8MP iSight camera for macro pictures of flowers, insects, for telescopic photos and even underwater adventures.

The most available accessories for your iPhone 5’s camera are filters, which will definitely revamp your Instagram experience. The Holga pin-wheel Filter case is an awesome gift for the Instagram fan and it costs only $25.99. It comes with a case, available in Red, Blue, White, Black or Yellow whereas the pin-wheel features 9 different special effects and filters easy to use and perfect to add a unique touch to your photos.


Holga iPhone 5/5S Lens Filter and Case Kit SLFT-IP5



Telephoto Lens is basically like a Sigma 500mm for your iPhone’s camera. It’s basically the best accessory for the iPhone user that is interested more in taking uber-telephotos, amplifying the standard camera powers to 8x for iPhone 4/4S and 12x for iPhone 5. It costs $35 and comes with a case, mini tripod and a cleaning cloth. It’s a great accessory to take around when you’re traveling.

iZZi ORBIT is a camera case for iPhone 5 designed particularly for intense and artistic use. It boasts quite a whopping price ($239.99), but the duraluminum sleek design, iDial feature and the three cameras available (fisheye, telephoto and wide-angle) tend to justify it.


Here’s another serious camera accessory for iPhone 5. Photojojo has put together an artsy aluminum case with three standard lenses called Lens Dial. The slim aircraft-grade aluminum case with fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lenses, rotating dial support for lenses, two tripod mounts (portrait and landscape) and a bonus Macro lens for iPhone 5 costs a hefty $249.

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