Best iPhone 5 Battery Case Review – Price Comparison and Pros/Cons

The new Lightning dock on iPhone 5 requires a compatible battery case, but it also needs a matching design and reliable quality

iPhone 5 is one of the most popular smartphones in the market today, but it’s popularity isn’t due to a very cost-effective price. iPhone 5 is one of the most expensive smartphones one could buy, but that hasn’t stopped millions from making such a pricy purchase. But with such a pricy investment, making sure no accidents will shorten its life expectancy is the best way for consumers to protect their financial resources on the long term.

The iPhone battery cases are designed to keep the device protected from scratches and if possibly even more damaging risks, as well as extend its battery life. iPhone users have been browsing for the best battery case ever and if they had a favorite for the previous smartphones, when it comes to iPhone 5, there’s some updating you need to do with your favorite battery case producer.

The best iPhone 5 Battery case has to meet a lot more requirements than iPhone 4 battery cases. Although this is a pricy smartphone, Apple hasn’t invested a lot more in making it easier to care for. As it turned out, iPhone 5 is made of a much more durable material (aluminum), but that’s not scratch-proofed. A great iPhone 5 Battery case should not only be fashionable and with a top-notch design, but it should really protect the back panel from potential damages.

Most iPhone users will spend hours and hours with the device, checking out Facebook and Twitter, reading blogs and shopping online. And then there’s the chatting, the video calls, 4G LTE connectivity, Instagram and tons of other apps and games that impact the iPhone 5’s battery life differently. So getting more juice out of an iPhone 5 is an essential requirement for everybody. A battery case can extend the iPhone 5 battery life to almost double or triple of what it would normally get on a single charge.

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