Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

A new Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to hit the streets as the South Korean company unveiled its latest model during Thursday’s launch event in New York. The smartphone will be available at U.S. carriers in the second quarter of the year, according to the declarations that spokespersons have made for Reuters.

Samsung’s launching event in New York was described by many analysts as a success. The new prototype drew everyone’s attention due to its design and its improved features. Although many of the details that have been introduced during the event had been previously reported by tech websites, there have been some unknown components, as well.

Galaxy S4 will feature either a quad core processor or an octa core processor manufactured by Qualcomm, depending on the market that will commercialize it. The original prototype will be packed with 2GB RAM and customers will be able to choose the 16 GB, the 32 GB or the 64 GB devices. Those who would like to add more storage capacity to their gadgets can provide the device with a microSD card.

The battery life of the new S4 has also been upgraded from the third generation model. Unlike its predecessor, S4 was built with a 2600 mAH battery which gives more juice to the gadget than S3’s 2100 mAH component. The screen is much larger, too, as this is the first 5-inch smartphone that Samsung introduces in the Galaxy collection.

The rear camera has 13 megapixels, whereas the front-facing one has only 2 megapixels. Nick DiCarlo, Samsung’s vice president of portfolio planning, stated in an interview with PC Mag reporters that they did not intend to make S4 a highly specialized gadget for photographic uses; therefore, the device was not packed with many pixels as in the case of other smartphone creators, such as, HTC. The producers think these sensors are sufficient for the type of activities that customers will most likely perform with their handsets.

Samsung has always paid close attention to the design of the prototypes it produced. The current model is just as elegant and attractive as the former generations, yet much slimmer than the S3 having a 7.9 millimeter body.

Enhancements don’t stop here; the phone is the first to sum up some of the most life-improving options. Controlling the gadget is much easier due to the “smart pause” and “smart scroll” features which perform modifications on the content that is showcased on the screen by registering the user’s face, voice and hand movements.

Samsung did not provide an exact date for the release of the smartphone; it nevertheless, alluded to the fact that the gadget could be available for sale at carriers somewhere in April. The starting price was not communicated either.

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