Best Christmas Decoration Trends for 2012

Even when you’re not the kind of person that likes Christmas for the family time or the cheer, you’re likely going to decorate your Christmas tree, or your home. Christmas decorations are no longer just tradition. They are stylish, cute and significant. Since many of you will be having holiday parties around the Christmas tree, we’ve put together a top of the best Christmas decoration trends for 2012.

Every holiday season the most thrilling part is decorating your home and pine tree for Christmas. Whether it’s a fake or a real one, the best decorations always seem to make Christmas a lot more cheerful. Plus, if you’re planning to have people over, you’d better make sure your Christmas decorations are gorgeous if you’re really looking for that holiday cheer.

At the top of the best Christmas decoration trends this year are lace tree baubles, vintage and blue lighting LEDs, themes (red and gold, white and turquoise, multicolored, red and white). You can also take a closer look to the most popular colors on the runways this year to get a better picture of the Christmas decorating trends. For instance, purple hues, ruby and teal are at the top of the list. Also, metallic silver glass ornaments with glitter and colors that draw the eye are in this year.

The most appreciated trend in Christmas decoration are, as always, the personalized ornaments. Be it something you did yourself or bought from an arts and crafts store, personalized ornaments for Christmas have become more and more popular as people think about them as souvenirs. “Mothers and grandparents are probably the most likely to buy personalized ornaments – they often collect them for their children and grandchildren every year, and buy them for the holidays whenever and wherever they see them” says Christine Casey with the Ornament Central.

Handcrafted is also an option, particularly since most of the Christmas decorations are unique. Designers and crafters have surely adopted the new trends in Christmas ornaments for 2012, so don’t be afraid of picking tree baubles and table decorations that don’t have a supermarket label on them. Etsy and other online shops have plenty of creative and gorgeous looking Christmas decoration for your home and tree both.
When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree and home, whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you like. Experimenting is nice and all, but don’t just copy a Christmas tree decoration theme from a magazine for the love of being trendy.

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