The Best Books to Read in 2020: How Many Of Them Have You Read So Far?

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So far, we have a rather prolific year in terms of literary appearances. Always in touch with readers, the Goodreads site searched for the books with the most marks received from its users and made a list of the most appreciated works of this year. The list mirrors the most popular genres of the last period: the thriller seems to be king again, this year as well, but the fantasy genre is just as well represented. Find out which are the Best books from 2020 and then tell us in the comments if they have passed on your reading list!

The Silent Patient book by Alex MichaelidesThe fact that “The Silent Patient”, Alex Michaelides’ debut novel, was released in over 38 countries proves that we have a hit ahead. Titled “The Thriller of the Year 2020” since its release and receiving positive reviews, including from AJFinn, the author of the famous “Woman at the Window”, who said she failed to put the book down, “The Silent Patient” is already on the road to the stars and no wonder it has become one of the most read books of 2020.

The story is as sophisticated as it is disturbing: Alicia Berenson is a famous and talented painter married to a fashion photographer who seems to lead perfect life. However, when she violently shoots her husband and refuses to say another word, she is hospitalized in the maximum security psychiatric hospital The Grove and becomes a real star.

Psychotherapist Theo Faber has an emotional health as fragile as that of his patients and insists on seeing Alicia, becoming obsessed with her. Of course, the connection between them goes far beyond the professional one, and what Theo will discover will freeze your blood in your veins. Fans of this type of literature will probably guess at some point the truth hidden behind the facts, but even so, reading remains downright irresistible.

Michaelides’ style is magnetic, showing the finesse of a master, and the cleverly created characters and upheavals make him one of the strongest voices of the present, although he is only in his debut novel.


Sally Rooney Normal people one of the best books in 2020Praise has been given to Irish-born writer Sally Rooney since her debut novel, “Conversations with Friends,” but almost all critics have agreed that the second title, “Normal People,” is one of the most popular books  in 2020. , is even better.

The Times has already called it “the best novel published this year,” and critics at The Guardian consider it a classic. Few love stories have been written in the literature of recent years, so preoccupied with the fantasy and thriller genres, and we can only hope that history will change with the second book on our list. Rooney paints the tender and complicated connection of two teenagers, surprised until their youth.

In high school, Marianne and Connell couldn’t be more different from each other: she’s smart, fierce and withdrawn, he’s funny, sociable and popular. Connell’s mother works as a housekeeper in the girl’s house, so the meetings between the two are more and more frequent and clumsy.

What begins first as a rebellious, hidden love continues with an even more complicated story lived in college, when the situation changes: Marianne is at the height of her confidence and power, while Connell is rather withdrawn, on the brink of depression.

The two young men seem to fall prey to the problem that is killing so many relationships now: the inability of their partners to understand each other, to communicate or to stop loving each other when things no longer work out. Rooney’s prose is so sincere, realistic and captivating that we are not surprised at all that this work is one of the most appreciated books of 2020.

The fantasy genre has not been missing from the list of the most read books of recent years, and “The Wicked King” seems to be the brightest gem in recent years. The second part of Holly Black’s Young Adult series, the book is imbued with the political machinations that made the “Warp of Thrones” famous, playing with the moral ambiguity of its characters and the discoveries and upheavals that often we do not intuit them at all.

Jude managed to enslave Cardan, who became king but is now, at least in part, under his control. Of course, things are not easy for the mortal who wants to rule the kingdom of Elfhame, of the fairies with endless life, but in the “Evil King” the confusion seems even more difficult than in the first part of the series, “The Ruthless Prince”.

Suffice it to say that the work is very hard to let go, and that when you find out that Jude is about to be betrayed by someone close who wants her and her loved ones dead, but also the destruction of the world in which she lives, for sure you will declare yourself addicted.

The series The Folk of The Air is to be completed this year with the third appearance, The Queen of Nothing, which proves once again that the author Holly Black is one of the most diligent writers of today. Do not expect a gentle reading, because it is not the case, but certainly one of the most magnetic of recent years.


What do you think about these titles? Which of the most popular books of 2020 IS on your reading list? Have you read any of these works yet?


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