Best After Christmas Deals 2011

The few days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a great occasion to browse the store looking for the best deals. While before Christmas or on Christmas’ Eve a lot of retailers were keeping their selling tags high, the situation changes starting with the second day of Christmas. If shopping is your thing, then here’s a scoop regarding the best after Christmas deals 2011.

The second day after Christmas is for years a traditional shopping day. Customers come in to change or return gifts, use their gift cards and take advantage of the best deals. But not only December 26 is a great occasion for retailers to make some money, the whole week after Christmas accounts for up to 10 percent of the holiday season sales.

This year’s after Christmas week is expected to be one of the busiest shopping sprees for retailers. Ron Friedman, retail expert at advisory and accounting firm Marcum, said: “They won’t have to do severe price cutting, although sales will still be promotion driven. Discounts will continue going until the end of the year”.

Jackie Fernandez, partner in the retail practice at Deloitte&Touche, explains that all retailers “will be promoting, and there will also be new merchandise in stores”.

Groupon gives great discounts on product deals that are not affiliated with Grouponicus, the company’s holiday gift offers. The website is selling the 75th anniversary edition of the “Joy of Cooking” for $12 plus $5.95 shipping online.

Walmart features 50 percent discounts both online and is stores on several items. Plus, some Walmart stores are going to open at 5 a.m. this Monday, and will continue to have a special schedule all through this week.

According to ABC News, other great post-Christmas deals include a $299 Kinect and Xbox 4GB gaming console with a $75 gift card at Target, a $425 Acer Aspire Core i5 17” screen laptop at Walmart and discounts on iTunes gift cards at Best Buy.

Plus, if we remember last year’s offers for the week after Christmas, then you can definitely expect to browse the following stores for after Christmas sales 2011: American Eagle, Old Navy, The Gap, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Nike, Timberland, Barnes & Noble, JCPenney’s and Kiehl.

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