Ben Affleck to Make Movie with Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck has been more and more linked to Jennifer Lopez lately. The latest rumors claim that the famous actor and his former girlfriend could actually work together. So, it has been said that Ben wants to make a movie with Jennifer Lopez.

The news was reported by Radar Online, which revealed that Ben has been asking Jennifer to work with him at his upcoming movie project. Ben and Jennifer were a couple years ago. They were even engaged, but the romance ended and Jennifer went to marry Marc Anthony, while Ben wedded Jennifer Garner.

So, the report claimed that the idea of Ben working with Jennifer is not actually new. In fact, the famous actor has previously expressed his intention to work with J.Lo, but his former wife Jennifer Garner was against this idea. So, he just postponed it and now since Ben is no longer married, he can team up with J.Lo. The report claimed that he has been begging Jennifer Lopez to accept the movie role.

“Ben has nothing but praise and admiration for Jennifer as an actress; it still burns him to this day that they got so ridiculed for ‘Gigli’ [the former couple’s infamous 2003 film flop],” a source said according to the celebrity site. “He wanted to cast her in last year’s ‘Live By Night’ but had to pick Zoe Saldana instead because Jennifer [Garner] banned the J.Lo idea from the get-go,” the same insider went on to add. “When that movie bombed he blamed the fact he couldn’t cast his first choice.”

The insider went on to clarify that this does not mean that Ben Affleck is interested in a romantic affair with Jennifer. He is actually just willing to work with her. “He swears this isn’t about any kind of crush he has on Jennifer but that he wants to right the wrong with a script that would bring them both a great sense of closure,” the insider concluded.

Since the split from his former wife, a series of rumors have claimed that Ben Affleck may be willing to get back together with Jennifer Lopez. However, these rumors were never confirmed.

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