Ben Affleck Might Make It In The Justice League

First of all, yes, Ben Affleck is still alive. In fact, rumor goes Ben Affleck might make it in “The Justice League” movie project. Variety reports Ben Affleck was approached by producers with a proposal to direct “The Justice League”.

It looks like “The Avengers” made superheroes cool once again. Studios are already ravaging comic books in the quest for new movie projects that would get the same raving success as “The Avengers”. Superman – “Man of Steel”, “Iron Man 3’ and “The Avengers 2” are already in production, so why not give viewers the good old Justice League.

The Variety report also reads that Ben Affleck is currently the only filmmaker the studio has reached out to. It seems Affleck is supposed to meet the producers sometime these days. Given that Affleck usually directs films that he can star in, then we might get to see Daredevil in a whole new light.

“Affleck has made it clear that he’s only interested in directing films in which he also stars” reads the Variety report, “so it’s likely that if this pairing ever came to fruition he would don a suit of his own”.

A lot of comic book fans would say “Yay! The Justice League! But not with Ben Affleck on board”. Moment of truth: yes, Ben Affleck has some experience with superheroes movies, but he didn’t do such a great job playing Daredevil. In fact, whereas for that time Daredevil had a bit of the WOW factor, it’s hard to compare that to “The Avengers”.

And yes, Ben Affleck has some experience as filmmaker. But it’s likely that people who saw “The Town” might not be that convinced Ben Affleck would make the right filmmaker for “The Justice League”.

But who knows? Maybe the upcoming “Argo” would show Ben Affleck is one skilled filmmaker. “Argo” is set to premiere October 12th. It was directed by Ben Affleck and it stars Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman. The movie shows a CIA specialist attempting to free six Americans during the boiling point of the Iranian revolution.

Viewers have different opinions about Ben Affleck acting and directing, whether or not at the same time. However, as unflattering as it might be for Ben Affleck, a lot of viewers seem to believe he’d be better off if he’d stick exclusively to directing.

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