Ben Affleck Likes Halle Berry

Both Ben Affleck and Halle Berry are single now, so if the two will get together, there will be no shock in that. According to a source, Ben actually has a crush on Halle and in fact he has been having a crush on the beautiful actress ever since she revealed that she and her husband Olivier Martinez have separated. 

So, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez filed for divorce about one month ago. Ben Affleck and his former wife Jennifer Garner also separated earlier this year. This means that the two are both single. Apparently, Ben would like to know Halle better, as according to some sources who talked to OK! Magazine, the actor has had a special feeling for the star since he watched her in Swordfish. 

One of the sources talking to OK claimed that Ben’s interest in Halle is not actually new. The insider revealed that the actor “has been interested in Halle for the past 15 years.” Without a doubt, this could be the perfect occasion for the actor to get to know the star better. “Ben has had an epic crush on Halle ever since he saw that sex scene in ‘Swordfish’ [back in 2001],” the source explained. 

Well, the new report indicated that although Ben is really willing to get in touch with Halle, he might have a difficult time in finding a way to meet the actress. OK! Magazine claimed that the actor and Halle don’t know each other personally, as they have never worked together. Moreover, they don’t have common friends, so practically there is no way for the two to get together, unless Ben directly contacts Halle with this precise intention.

Both the divorce of Halle Berry and the one of Ben Affleck have been associated to controversy. Some rumors said that Ben’s marriage actually ended because the actor had been unfaithful to his wife. Insiders said that Ben cheated on Jennifer Garner with his children’s nanny. The rumors were not confirmed. The actor and Jennifer remained in good terms. Halle also stated that she and Olivier wanted to end their marriage in good terms. 

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