Ben Affleck is not Dating Margot Robbie

One of the most debated events in the world of celebrities is without a doubt the separation of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. It has been claimed that the decision to end the marriage was a mutual one, but many sources said it was actually caused by the fact that Ben was spending too much time away from the family. 

Some sources claimed that one of the reason why Ben wanted out of the marriage was actually the fact that he developed some “serious feelings” for his work colleague, Margot Robbie. Some reports alleged that the two got very close while filming Suicide Squad and Ben actually started to have feelings for this other woman. However, it seems that these rumors were not true after all, as another report came to dismiss the claims. 

Insiders who talked to Daily Mail Australia said that there is nothing going on between Ben and Margot. Moreover, not only that insiders said that reports were not true, but it has actually been claimed that Ben and Margot barely spent any time together on the set of the movie. Well, this is not the only rumor that has associated Ben to another woman. Some reports actually claimed that the actor had cheated on Jennifer with no one else than his former girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in a relationship for so long that their split came as a shock. Following the separation, Jennifer wedded Marc Anthony, but the pair got divorced. She is now rumored to be dating Casper Smart, although the two have not confirmed the fact that they have gotten back together. 

Well, after the divorce from Jennifer Garner was announced, some alleged sources claimed that Ben had cheated on his wife with the Jenny from the Block singer. Moreover, insiders said that Ben’s wife caught him with the affair. It has been said that J Lo actually regretted the fact that she and Ben Affleck never got married and she wanted to rekindle their romance. However, soon other reports claimed that it was all untrue and Ben did not have an affair with J Lo. A rep for the singer also denied the reports. 

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