Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Spotted Together during Vacation

Although they separated back in 2015, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner seem to still be in a very good relationship. The two were recently spotted spending a vacation together with their children in the Bahamas. So, it surely seems that despite their separation Jennifer and Ben remain a family.

The divorce was filed only about two months ago, although the couple officially ended their marriage in 2015. The formerly married pair has been rumored several times to be willing to reconcile, but the claims were never confirmed. Some rumors said that Jennifer and Ben managed to overcome their problems and are trying to make their marriage work once again.

Jennifer and Ben went to the Bahamas with their children, US Weekly reported. Apparently, Jennifer also had some work commitments there. The star was invited to speak at Fast Enterprises, a software company. She held a speech in front of no less than 160 executives. It seems that Jennifer was not easily convinced to attend this event. She is said to have requested a private jet, as well as a fee, among other things.

Although there appear to be some signs that Jennifer and Ben might be thinking of calling off their divorce, a source dismissed such claims. The insider told US Weekly that despite the fact that the two famous actors get along so well, Jennifer and Ben have no plans to call of their divorce. Furthermore, the insider claimed that the only reason why the actress asked Ben to join the family trip is linked to the fact that she believes this would be great for the children. “Jen feels it is most beneficial for the kids to have their father present,” the source concluded.

Another insider also said that Ben considered the vacation a good opportunity for him to spend more time with the children and bond with them. This source also claimed that Jennifer has always helped him to do this and she “will always do whatever it takes to provide the best arrangements for them that she can.”

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