Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Moving in Together?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are no longer a married couple, but it seems that there may be place for a reconciliation. According to some new rumors, the two stars might be trying to make things work. So, it has been revealed that Ben actually moved back in with Jennifer.

The news were reported by Radar Online, which indicated that Ben has returned home to his former wife and his children. Ben and Jennifer actually have three children together. The rumors that Ben was moving back home were actually reported at a curious time. The speculation emerged as it is believed that Jennifer was finally going to file the official divorce papers from her estranged husband.

Radar Online shared some photos of the two famous actors at their home in Pacific Palisades. The report indicated that there was also a construction crew there, who was trying to help empty the guesthouse of all the belonging that were there. Most of the things are believed to be Ben’s. The report claimed that the reason why this was happening is actually linked to the stars’ intentions of renovating the guesthouse into a play area for the children, while Ben was moving back in.

A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that this is actually all that Jennifer wanted, as she was never in favour of divorcing her husband. “This is what Jen has been praying for!” the source explained. “She never wanted a divorce, but felt she had no other options. Finally, Ben has sobered up enough to come home. The kids are thrilled Daddy is finally back. The three of them – and Jen – are only hoping that this time it’s for good.”

Previous reports claimed that Jennifer was upset with Ben because he decided to move out. The reports also claimed that despite this, the two stars remain committed parents and their children will remain their priority. Of course, the claims have not been confirmed and actually a confirmation is not expected in the near future. Ben and Jennifer have always remained quite private and avoided addressing such rumors.

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