Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Back Together?

Some new rumors talk about the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. So, it has now been claimed that the two famous actors might get back together. The rumors emerged with a report from OK! magazine, which actually went even further and said that the two are expecting twins.

Ben and Jennifer have been separated since 2015, but ever since they officially announced their split, rumors about a potential reconciliation were on. So, several rumors over the past two years have claimed that the two were planning on getting back together. Of course, the fact that Jennifer and Ben still live in the same property with their children has only led to increased rumors on this subject.

Now, they are reportedly going to become parents once again. Jennifer and Ben have three children together. The report said that Jennifer was quite shocked when she found out that she was expecting twins. “Her friends have been whispering about it for weeks. Not doubt it was a shock to hear a doctor say not only that she’s pregnant, but that there were two heartbeats!” an insider told the celebrity site.

Of course, no official comments came from Jennifer or Ben, but a source talking to Gossip Cop claimed that the whole story was untrue and Jennifer was not set to become a mom. However, the fact that Jennifer and Ben are in good terms is quite clear. In fact, he has previously tanked her for the support she had given him and their children.

Some previous reports claimed that Jennifer wanted to call off the divorce and try to make things work once again with Ben. It is yet to find out if any of these rumors will be confirmed.

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