Below Deck Mediterranean Drama: Mila’s Nachos, Hannah’s Drugs

Once you set into the deck of a below Deck Mediterranean charter vessel, you’re bound to experience the same thing: amount of drama. In the course of its five seasons crew members such as captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, Malia White and more have been known to smack heads with one another -in the hopes of giving you the best sailing experience.

As the chief stewardess from the show’s start (it’s an offshoot of the original Bravo show Below Deck), Hannah has had a tiff with almost every person on the show. For instance, she has a long-running feud with the second Stewardess Christine “Bugsy” Drake, for instance.

Hannah and Bugsy initially fought during Season 2 Below Deck Med aboard superyacht Sirocco. Alongside Bugsy calling Hannah an “lousy” chief stew, Hannah was also upset when the South Africa native found text messages between Hannah and an invited guest on the charter, Jason Ziegler. After she shared them with the other crew members it was Hannah against everyone, but particularly Hannah with Bugsy.

The Australia native went into battle with a number of members of her inside team which included Kasey Cohen June Foster and most recently, Lara Flumiani.

Even after Lara’s departure the drama of season 5 continued.

The lead deckhand on Season 5. The Wellington superyacht, Pete Hunziker was dismissed in June 2020 for posting an offensive meme on Instagram. Since the incident occurred just after filming was completed, Pete was not fired from his yachting position. The punishment was a bit more from the highest levels. “Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes,” the network stated in a statement released at the time.

As the show continued to run with no Pete Other plots were brought up the agenda and included Hannah keeping Valium aboard.

Explore the gallery to see some of the most dramatic moments.

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo (2); Inset: Courtesy Jason Ziegler/Twitter

Hannah’s Relationship with a Guest

In season 2 of Sirocco, Hannah hit it off with guest charter host Jason Ziegler, a wealthy New York businessman. Hannah admitted to Bravo in the June 2017 interview that they “had chemistry” and shared “a very quick kiss” during the charter, which is against the crew’s rules.

When Bugsy discovered that Hannah was messaging Jason after the charter had ended (the messages started appearing on the iPad on the boat’s following Jason had logged in during the charter) She immediately shared the news to the team. “This is a huge violation of yachtie code,” Bugsy stated to Bravo cameras. At this point in this season Bugsy knew she felt as if Hannah was not doing her job as the chief stew. So these texts only added tension to their relationship.

In the aftermath of the incident, Captain Sandy spoke to DailyGossip on May 20, 2020, that the incident was among the most shocking moments to witness when looking back the season from the back. “When a crew crosses that barrier, so many crew [members] in the past have done it, but not on the boat I work on,” she explained. “They believe they are able to join up with the charter company. They say, ‘Oh it’s not going to occur.'”

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo (3)

Malia Plays on the Field

Onboard Sirocco in season 2 Malia was the target of Wes Walton and Chef Adam Glick’s love. In a private interview, Adam confessed he and Malia who was a deckhand on the ship at the time were actually acquainted with the other prior to their time in Croatia and made the decision to keep their relationship and their relationship secret from the other crew members.

It got more difficult as Malia started to develop feelings for her friend Wes. Adam then began to pursue Malia with greater intensity in apparent jealousy of her love affair with Wes. At the end of the season Adam was confronted by Wes as well as Malia who admitted that they’d had a romantic relationship.

“Did I feel a connection with both of you? Sure. Did I make it to in a situation where I was tempted to pick somebody? Not really. I’d like to go through charter and stay close friends.” Malia said.

Adam’s view of the issue? “She played me like a f–king flute.”

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo (2)

Chef Mila’s Nachos

“In nine years of yachting, I’ve never refused to take a dish,” Hannah stated when she saw chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s nachos on a plate. It was part of an evening of charter dining on season 4 that was themed Mexican but it was more of an alcohol-fueled snack than something you’d eat on a yacht.

The nachos made from prepackaged cheesewas one of many mishaps that Mila experienced in the course of. Mila also licked a raw steak prior to preparing it for her clients. “In my career, I promise you, this has never happened,” Captain Sandy said to Us. “Chefs aren’t like this. Absolutely not at all.”

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo (3)

June, June, Hannah

After Mila was dismissed in season 4, the Third stew Anastasia Surmava, who had some training in cooking, stepped into the role of chef briefly on Sirocco. If she didn’t, the viewers would never have seen June and the best joke from the Below Deck Med -“June, June, Hannah “June, June, Hannah” wouldn’t have been made.

June’s inexperience was certainly a problem but her lack of communication was a larger issue. When on a the course of the charter, crew members converse with each other via radio, and they say the other’s name twice, and their own to signal who’s calling. In Season 4, it seemed that Hannah was screaming “June, June, Hannah” without any success. Then, it was decided that June would be dismissed as Captain Sandy was able to find a new chef . Anastasia was able to return to her position as chef stew’s chief.

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo

Pete’s Off-Camera Race

As Bravo viewers know that all too well, lots of the drama takes place when cameras aren’t on. Let’s take Pete’s firing as an instance. While the Wellington’s deckhand lead was in the news during the entire season, for derogating his boss Malia “sweetheart,” it was his actions off camera that resulted in his dismissal.

The network made the announcement to sack Pete in June 2020 , after Pete posted an offensive meme featuring an Black woman with a shackle. Bravo changed the rest of season 5 to lessen his appearances.

The Miami native later came clean about his actions. “A little over 3 months ago, someone sent me a meme on social media and I thoughtlessly reposted it,” the deckhand wrote on Instagram in July of 2020. “I now realize how painful the imagery and symbolism is and, upon deeper consideration, I realize that the implicit bias that exists in the brief text written in the meme is offensive.”

He went on to say: “To all those I have offended and hurt Please know that I truly regret it. I’ve always stood up for equality of rights and equal opportunities to ALL people. Stay safe, be well and think carefully before you write. With Love, Pete.”

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo (2)

Lara Quits

Not everyone’s made for yachting. The season got off to an uneasy start in season 5, when the second stew Lara and Hannah began to fight the second time they had a fight. After a heated argument, Hannah found Lara cleaning up the mess left by the crew and demanded that she do laundry instead.

“Ah I’m sure. Therefore, I’m interrupting this to … to do something different?” Lara, who is an natural Italian speaker, inquired. The situation quickly went off the rails after Hannah was notified of the question.

“You’re no longer interrupting the conversation. It’s not a good idea anymore,” she told Lara. The second stew was unable to obey, the situation became physical and Hannah pointed a finger at Lara’s face.

While the two women attempted to work through their differences on the advice by Captain Sandy, Lara ultimately left following the crew’s initial night out. “I’m not a quitter, especially before a charter, but sometimes in life, you have to choose between your happiness and a job,” Lara declared during an interview in the show. “So I choose my own happiness.”

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Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Bravo (2)

Hannah’s Stashing Drugs On the Board

A shocking episodes in the history of Below Deck Med was when Hannah’s stash Valium was discovered during season five. After the story was played out and teased throughout the season, viewers were stunned to discover the culprit was Malia who was the one to report the main stew.

During the show during the episode, the captain Sandy received a picture from an unidentified crew member. The picture contained a bag of Valium as well as the vape pen and lighter. The episode ended with Captain Sandy calling Hannah up to the deck in the back and threatening her with what she discovered. (Hannah has been open about her struggles with anxiety, took the medication before Malia following Chef Kiko Lorran had left one episode prior to.)

Then, Malia appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss the incident.

“[I reported it] because it was my duty to,” Malia said to Andy Cohen.

Hannah defends herself on Twitter after the incident by displaying the picture Malia snapped as well as the reverse on the Valium box to prove she’s got an prescription. “I appreciate Malia’s ability to arrange things. Therefore, I’ve recommended Valium, CBD (which is legal in Spain) as well as an lighter (not certain what it is to have to do with everything) along with my passport… For those who are interested, the prescription is located on the opposite side of the container as it appears…”#belowdeckmed” she wrote.

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

Lexi is vs. the entire crew

In the course of a night in with her co-stars, Lexi Wilson found herself discordant with nearly everyone , and then got into a argue in a fight with roommate Malia. The fight escalated throughout the evening and the stew came to an end pushing Mzi Dempers. “I had a s–t ton of stuff going on in my head, like, a lot of stuff, but I didn’t tell anyone, which is my fault. And I guess I wasn’t dealing with it properly, which is also my fault,” she said to The Daily Dish about the July 2021 episode. “In that short space, you know, 15-hour working days, a lot going on, and just, like, alcohol doesn’t make it better. I had a lot going on with my dad. I’m still reeling with emotions there. Any little thing triggered me, like out of control, actually.” While Lexi apologized to the group, Malia admitted that she was not sure she believed her. “I believe she was sort of like, ‘Yeah whatever. I’m not sure. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Everyone should forget about it”” the bosun told DailyGossip that day. “We were thinking”How did you not know? You were saying really serious things, don’t you think so I don’t believe it was as genuine as we wanted it be, but for her, it was the best we could hope to receive.”

Following another argument among Lexi and Mathew The stew was thrown away at the direction of Captain Sandy and decided to not make an appearance in the reunion of season 6.

Below Deck's most famous drama in the Mediterranean Through the years Mila's Nachos Hannah's Drugs and More
Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

Many Exits for Chef Mathew’s Restaurant

The chef was initially absent in the initial charting due to an injury on his leg which required medical treatment. Mathew Shea was able to return but he resigned after a crew night out. “They can find some f–ker to do their s–t. Good luck. You’ll have some f–king asshole chef now,” Mathew declared while he smashed multiple cameras in the production suite following an altercation with his co-stars. Below Deck Med’s Below Deck Med star explained to Us that he believed that leaving was the best choice at the moment. “They had issues with me. I left; I abandoned the first day … and then, like, I obviously bothered them at this dinner,” the actor said. “There was a lot of tension at that dinner and alcohol involved and sometimes you just need to remove yourself from bad situations.” The next day Mathew returned however Captain Sandy informed her that she’d previously requested a different chef since she believed he had left for good reason. Mathew was able to cook the guests’ meals as the chef who was replaced was quarantined due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Mathew finished his season but later accused captain Sandy as being “one of the worst captains” who he’s worked with in the reunion of season 6.

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