Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb Has Colorectal Cancer

Bee Gees’ singer and songwriter, Robin Gibb was diagnosed with colorectal cancer last year, according to the Associated Press. Chemotherapy sessions and surgical interventions gradually weakened Gibb’s immune system causing him to catch a severe form of pneumonia and stay in coma until Sunday.

Robin Gibb fell into a coma last week after contracting pneumonia. Doctors were skeptical about his condition, but the singer eventually woke up on Sunday and is now fully conscious and able to speak. Despite this, he will continue to remain in the intensive care unit because his immune system is very weak.

The 62-year-old singer has been ill for several months, but he didn’t reveal anything about his disease in the press. He only wrote on his website last year that he is seriously ill without providing further details in relation to his statement. Later on, he made a televised appearance on BBC during which he told the press that he had to surgically remove a growth on his colon.

Dr. Andrew Thillainayagam, who is taking care of Gibb, told the press that the British singer is “exhausted, extremely weak and malnourished”. He further stated that Gibb is able to breathe with the help of an oxygen mask, whereas the food and the antibiotics are intravenously administered. Although the singer looks frail, his doctor believes he is a courageous man with deep reserves of physical strength because he has managed to overcome “incredible odds” to get where he is now.

The Bee Gees’ member was sustained by his entire family when he was in coma. His wife, Dwina and son, Robin-John, as well as his son Spencer and daughter Melissa have always been near Gibb, trying to wake him up from coma by talking to him and playing his favorite music.

Robin Gibb formed the Bee Gees group with his brothers, Maurice and Barry. They became very popular due to the disco hits they played including “How Deep Is Your Love” and “Stayin’ Alive”. They had various solo albums, but they continued to make tours and projects together, as well.


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