Beauty secrets from Oscar experts

As the Oscar Awards 2012 are getting near, everybody is curious to find out the looks that actresses will adopt at the Sunday night ceremony. This puts a lot of pressure on celebrities, especially if they have added a few extra pounds and wrinkles since last year’s gala. As a result, they will most likely resort to the latest techniques that Hollywood experts recommend to help them get back in shape in no time.

Buying sunrays is no longer a problem for celebrities who can afford pretty much everything. All they have to do if they want to get a sun-kissed complexion is go to a spray tanning salon and they will immediately look like they have just returned from a longtime Hawaii vacation. Which they usually do, but there’s always room for more. Self-tanning sessions are not enough as the tan looks better on some actresses and not so great on others. Given these circumstances, movie stars prefer to go to sculpting salons where the tan is used to emphasize assets and cover imperfections.

Losing wait is one of the biggest problems that celebrities face before an important event, even though they sustain the opposite in most campaigns they make. According to Hollywood experts, the majority of celebrities go through various detox diets a few days before the events in order to lose inches. The body wrap is the most used technique at present because it has had the best results, so far. Based on this method, celebrities have to jump on a trampoline for one hour while wrapped in elastic bandages. After just one session, stars might lose 6 to 20 inches, but the process needs to be repeated for two or three more sessions.

If you find detox diets a little bit too dangerous for you, there is another trick you may borrow from celebrities: wearing body shaping undergarments. This is, in fact, one of the cheapest and healthiest methods that stars usually use whenever they feel that the dress is not doing a good job covering the extra inches. Octavia Spencer recently admitted that she wore three pairs of Spanx at the Golden Globe Awards which was hosted last month.

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