Beats Solo 2 Wireless

Earlier this year, Beats has unveiled their new product, named Beats Solo 2, which is a wired version and costs 200 dollars. Now, they came up with a new improvement and launched the Beats Solo 2 Wireless. It looks similar with the wired version, but it weighs slightly more, because it has some extra electronic components and comes with rechargeable battery built into the headphone. This new version of headphones costs a little more and you can found it at the cost of 300 dollars.

The price seems to be a little expensive and buyers are not happy to pay this amount of money for a pair of headphones, wireless or wired. When an improvement version of a product is launched, you certainly expect a price close to the previous one. However, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless is a great Bluetooth product, but it doesn’t reach an excellent level, compared to the Apple-owned brand, Studio Wireless, at the price of 380 dollars. The difference is that Studio Wireless sounds better and is more comfortable. This doesn’t mean that Beats Solo 2 isn’t a great product, it has many pluses and it is great in a lot of ways. But, there are a lot of wireless headphones out there on the market for this price. 

Many potential users will have a hard time to decide between Solo 2 Wireless and the larger headphones Studio Wireless. Both products have a great design and a premium look. Solo 2 Wireless is lighter than the Studio Wireless and comes in a smaller carrying case. Yes, it can be considered more travel friendly, but it isn’t lighter than other competing headphones, like Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth, which you can find at a 250 dollars price. Solo 2 Wireless stays securely on you head, even when you are running.

The battery life for this model is rated at 12 hours, less than what Studio Wireless offers, but you can consider it pretty decent. Solo 2 Wireless is less bulky and is a smaller headphone that most of the buyers will find comfortable and will enjoy a good quality sound.

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