Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Unveiled

Beats has unveiled the upgrade of the Pill, named Beats Pill XL. The original Pill was decent, but probably the cost of 200 dollars when it was released was a little high. The Beats Pill XL, costs 300 dollars, but customers may also find it at retailers for about 270 dollars. It is a fair price given the fact that it comes with a far better-sounding speaker. Beats Pill XL can be found in a variety of color options.

Pill XL isn’t as compact as the original Pill, it weighs 3.3 pounds and has a built in handle for easy carry. The design is really great and the Beats logo in the middle operates as a pause/play button. The volume controls can be found on the speaker, but, unfortunately, there are no skipping tracks forward or back controls on it. Users must skip tracks from their Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone. The big surprise is that even if Beats is owned by Apple, Pill XL works with Windows and Android devices.

Other additional features that buyers can find on Pill XL are NFC tap-to-pair technology for phones, speakerphone capabilities and a USB charging port. There is also an audio input and an audio output. The battery life is pretty good, it is rated at about 15 hours. The speakers will turn off after 10 minutes of no signal and this way they will conserve power. A minus for this speaker is the lack of a carrying case, making it more vulnerable to scratches when you are travelling. 

Given the size of the Pill XL, the sound is really great and it also has decent clarity and a strong bass. The speaker can perform with no problem popular genres like EDM, R&B, acoustic material and hip-hop. Even at higher volumes, the speaker do not distort much and is doing a good job limiting certain frequencies. Beats Pill XL will impress audiophiles with its loud sound, providing a lot of bass even if it’s a small size speaker, after all. 

Beats Pill XL may be a great combination between an impressive design, a strong sound and a reasonable value.

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