Bear Grylls Has A New Show, “Get Out Alive”

Bear Grylls might not be the survivor of  the nature’s unwelcoming grounds on Discovery any more, but he has a new show. Bear Grylls has a new show prepared, “Get Out Alive”, which will air on NBC.

Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” starring Bear Grylls was a huge success. Despite his gruesome eating habits, Bear Grylls actually taught as a few things. Now he is back on TV with a new show, this time on NBC. “Get Out Alive” is a new competition series that was picked by NBC for eight episodes.

“The goal is to empower people with the ultimate in both survival and teamwork, and that brings incredible reward – but first there must be some pain” said Bear Grylls about his new competition series. Bear Grylls promises “Get Out Alive” is going to be “raw, tough and unrelenting” but also inspirational and educational enough to actually “save your life” one day.

Bear Grylls will put at work his skills as former British Special Forces and survivor to train and guide teams to accomplish various missions and tasks. Electus studio thinks the new show will be great at showing Bear Grylls’ personality.

“Bear Grylls is still Bear Grylls” said Electus CEO. “It’s not a show about cooking. But you’re still looking at him in a way you’ve never seen before” added Chris Grant, the CEO of the multimedia studio. “You’ve seen Bear do unbelievable things, but you haven’t seen how amazing he is in letting other people learn what they can do” Grant said.

NBC is thrilled to have Bear Grylls scheduled for next summer. “To meet Bear is to meet a force of nature” said the president of alternative programming at NBC Entertainment. “He is a magnetic and charismatic talent, whose infectious enthusiasm for adventure inspires people to push themselves beyond their limits” added Paul Telegdy. “These contestants are in for the ride of their lives” the NBC Entertainment president announced.

“Get Out Alive” is produced by Bear Grylls in collaboration with Electus, Ben Silverman’s multimedia studio. It is also Bear Grylls’ first major network series and is set to premiere in June 2013.

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