BBC Faces Interior Crisis After Exposing Child Sex Scandal

Reporters at BBC have confronted their bosses over pedophilia scandal during a special show on Monday. The news channel is facing an interior crisis after exposing their managers’ links to one of the biggest child sex scandals involving over 200 children, the Associated Press reports.

The true face of Jimmy Savile was revealed during Monday’s broadcast which left all BBC viewers open-mouthed. Reporters have put their bosses in the hot seat claiming that the latter knew about Savile’s pedophile inclinations and they chose to hush up in order to preserve the presenter’s image. After Jimmy’s death, investigators found out the British television man abused more than 200 children over his decades-long career. The scandal would have been exposed last year, but executives at BBC did everything to prevent it.

Analysts fear the interior crisis could forever damage the reputation of the British news channel. BBC was currently undergoing negotiations with the government to determine the terms of its charter, so the scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time. “To have a civil war inside on a matter of editorial judgment and the handling of potentially criminal investigations could not have come at worse time,” Tim Burt, the managing partner of the Stockwell Communications crisis management firm, stated in the end of the interview.

BBC tried to provide an explanation as to why they were constrained to cover Jimmy Savile’s misdeeds, but the declarations have damaged their reputation even more. Several victims were asked to testify against the late BBC presenter and, according to their statements, Jimmy obliged them to have sex with him in his car, his camper van and his dressing room, all set on BBC premises.

BBC editor Peter Rippon was one of the most criticized during the Monday show. Reporters brought enough evidence proving that Rippon was aware of Savile’s misdeeds and yet, he preferred to cover them up. The information that was withdrawn from his emails shows that the BBC editor was initially enthusiastic about the expose, but eventually decided to reject the documentary. British prime-minister, David Cameron, was among the first to criticize BBC’s position in relation to Jimmy Savile.

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