Barnes & Noble has released the new Nook GlowLight Plus e-reader

After entering the tablet business, Barnes & Noble has returned to their main business and released the new e-book reader called Nook GlowLight Plus. As we know, the company had a short entrance into the tablet market, but they decided to stop making their own hardware. 

Therefore, Barnes & Noble has opted to sell Samsung tablets with a custom Nook Interface. However, it looks like they also returned to the main product that made them famous, the Nook e-reader. After approximately two years without updating the famous Nook GlowLight, Barnes & Noble has decided to release such an update.

The new Nook GlowLight Plus e-reader is now on the market and it available at the price of 130 dollars with no ads. The new e-reader is at the moment available only in the US and it was designed in-house. The new model comes with the same front bezel as its predecessor, but it is much prettier. Moreover, it houses a 300 dots-per-inch E Ink display, meaning that it has twice as many pixels as its predecessor.

The company has declared that this new display is equal with the one that the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite homes. Another interesting change is that the new model has moved from an infrared-based touchscreen to a more responsive capacitive touchscreen. This kind of touchscreen can also be seen on Amazon’s devices, including the Paperwhite and Voyage models.

To be added that the new display also comes with an improved built-in light, meaning that light will be more uniform and brighter at its highest setting. The new Nook GlowLight Plus comes with its back made out of aluminum and not plastic, like its predecessor. The aluminum will give the e-reader a more premium feel. Therefore, this new e-reader weighs slightly more, 6.9 ounces. 

Moreover, the device will come with 2.5GB of free space, which will allow users to store a high number of e-books. The company has also declared that the battery will go up to approximately six weeks on a single charge, if the Wi-Fi is turned off. In the end, the processor also received an upgrade, meaning that it is much faster compared with the one on the previous model. 

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