Barkhad Abdi, Oscar Nominated Actor, Struggling to Get By

We may think that life is simple for an Oscar nominated actor. However, this is not the case for Barkhad Abdi, who is struggling to get by. 

Despite his huge success for the movie Captain Phillips and his Oscar nomination for this performance, actor Barkhad Abdi has to live off a daily allowance, while he is still working to promote the movie. 

The story is even sadder, as Barkhad Abdi claimed that he actually had to borrow clothes to be able to attend the Oscar ceremony, even though he was nominated for an award. The New Yorker was the one to first report that Barkhad Abdi was paid with $65,000 for his role in Captain Phillips

The Somalia-born actor played the role of pirate leader Muse in the highly appreciated movie. Even though Barkhad Abdi had no previous acting experience, he achieved a spectacular performance, which brought him even an Oscar nomination. 

The movie Captain Phillips has been a huge success, grossing more than $218 million worldwide. Still, one of its main actors has to live from a small allowance, while he continues to work promoting the movie. The 28 year old actor received a hotel room from the company during the promotion, but nothing else. 

He even had to ask the help of a taxi driver friend to be able to reach some events. Barkhad Abdi has been a limousine driver before taking the role in the movie. After filming, he returned to a mobile phone shop, but he quit on the day of the movie’s premiere. By the time when he signed the contract with the producers of Captain Phillips, Barkhad Abdi did not have an agent. 

Barkhad Abdi won a BAFTA award for his performance and the actor claims that he plans on moving to Los Angeles. Reports indicate that Abdi has been in talks with the producers of The Place That Hits the Sun for a role. Hopefully, the actor will see his dream come true and pursue with success the acting career he hopes to have. He already moved to Los Angeles to continue his acting career.

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