Bam Margera Didn’t Mean To Shoot Pit-Bull Puppy

Bam Margera, the eccentric “Jackass” star, told Us Weekly he never meant to shoot his pit bull puppy, Penny in his most recent prank on Twitter. The show host apologized for his uninspired joke and condemned all acts of violence against animals. 

Bam Margera triggered everyone’s discontent when he published a photo of him holding a gun to his pit bull puppy’s head on Twitter. Margera told his followers that he was very upset because his dog pooped in his bed and placing the gun at the puppy’s head, he added: “If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes”. Given the large number of critics he drew against him, Bam released an interview explaining people that the whole episode was just a prank, so he didn’t actually mean to shoot Penny.

The prank came at a bad time because the Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article in relation to the acts of violence that a local group is performing on dogs. The newspaper wrote that several unidentified individuals living in the area burn dogs in cages. Margera was very disturbed by the article, too. He told the media that these persons should be locked in jail because their acts are “rude, crude and more”.

Bam reassured everyone that he is an animal lover and would never do anything to hurt his puppy or any other puppy, as a matter of fact. He thought his Twitter followers would understand his joke because they are already familiar with his sadistic and weird sense of humor from his “Jackass” show. Much to his surprise, Margera found out the hard way that none of his fans or Twitter followers agreed to his joke and most of them described him as a crazy person.

The Jackass” star regretted that he did not tell his fans the gun was fake and concluded the interview by saying that Penny is safe and sound. The dog will spend the following period at one of Bam’s friend’s house because the show host will be busy filming in Los Angeles.

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