Backstreet Boys Return With A New Christmas Tune

The Backstreet Boys announced on Tuesday that they will make a new comeback with their latest Christmas tune “It’s Christmas Time Again”. The band mates seem to be into winter holidays as they often release new singles during this time of the year, the Rolling Stone reports.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Backstreet Boys in their initial formula, but the band is ready to make another return in the music industry. This time, however, the “Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart” interpreters claim the comeback will be permanent.

We can’t really say how successful will the Backstreet Boys be this time, but we can make an impression based on the single they have recently released. The Christmas tune is called “It’s Christmas Time Again” and it is completely different from the ballads that the band produced on similar occasions.

Carter released an interview for AOL Music and told reporters that he is very proud of the new single, especially since it was created with Kevin Richardson’s participation. The latter refused to join the band the last time the boys announced their comeback, but he appears to have changed his mind. Carter takes great confidence that the new Christmas song will become a hit because there aren’t many original tracks during this time of the year. The band mates are even prouder knowing that their song will bring joy to all the people who will listen to it around Christmas.

The Backstreet Boys are experts when it comes to creating music for the winter holidays. The first time they released a Christmas tune was in 1996. Back then, the band was singing it’s “Christmas Time”, but very few people seemed to be impressed by the sound of their ballad. This is why they probably chose to add a little more rhythm to their new song.

What do you think? Will Backstreet Boys make a splash with their new Christmas tune?

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