Bachelorette’s Becca Kufrin’s Dating History

Never give up! Becca Kufrin hasn’t stopped looking for The One despite having a several very public breakups through the time.

Former Bachelorette, who was set to fall in love when she was a part of Bachelor Nation in the year 2018 -however, her happy ever after ended up being ruined when Arie Luyendyk. decided to end their short engagement and moved on to Lauren Burnham.

The Bourdon founder decided to return to reality television later that year, in hopes of finding an enduring partner. But, she was on her own after splitting with former lover Garrett Yrigoyen in August 2020.

Even with the majority of ups and downs of her romance, Kufrin has been vocal about the benefits of joining her fellow members of the Bachelor Family — and the reason she’s not afraid to put her heart on the line again and time.

“When people ask me if the Bachelor is ‘real’ or ‘really works,’ I always say yes,” the former Bachelor Live Tour cohost wrote on Instagram in October of 2020, alongside an image of his friend Caroline Lunny. “Because I found love in my friendships, and this girl is proof of how worthwhile that journey was.”

A month before, Kufrin revealed why she was not on the verge of settling down following two unsuccessful engagements.

“I’m thirty. I’m about to be content to not have to put all my eggs into one basket,” she explained during the September 2020 episode of Rachel Lindsay’s “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “Just kind of enjoy the experience that life and dating have to offer.”

She added: “I feel like, it’s this strange the most magical place I’m currently in. Perhaps it’s because I’ve also relocated into L.A. and it’s this new chapter. It’s as if it’s magic.”

Kufrin finally tried her hand at a reality TV romance once more at the end of the season in 2021. She joked the phrase “third times the charm” after having a chance encounter with Thomas Jacobs on Bachelor in Paradise. Although they briefly broke up during the show’s Oct. 2021 finale, the couple confirmed that they were dating.

“I’m sorry for breaking up with you on national television, but I’ll take every day to make it up to you, Tommy,” Kufrin’s captioned Instagram video following the show’s finale was aired. “Thanks that you made my heart smile more than it’s ever. Now it’s time to begin living the life of a real person.”

Scroll down to take a glimpse into Kufrin’s love story from her time in college to today:

Bachelorette's Becca Kuffrin's Dating Histories from her College Sweetheart to her Ex-Fiance Garrett Yrigoyen and More
Credit: Couretesy of Becca Kufrin/Instagram

Ross Jirgl

The Minnesota native was a college love on and off for seven years prior to ending the relationship in the year 2016. Kufrin talked about their relationship when she appeared with her husband on The Bachelor in 2018, she said, “He got me through the hardest time I had ever lived through at that point when my dad passed away.”

When Jirgl appeared on the show to get her back, Kufrin explained that too many years was gone by between the two. “We have both changed so much, and you don’t really know who I am anymore,” she said to him following his surprise appearance. “I don’t know who you are anymore.”

Bachelorette's Becca Kuffrin's Dating Histories from her College Sweetheart to her Ex-Fiance Garrett Yrigoyen and More
Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC

Arie Luyendyk Jr.

The former publicist was able to win Luyendyk Jr.’s heart in the 22nd season of The Bachelor, which began filming in the last quarter of 2017. A month after proposing to Kufrin Kufrin, the driver of the racing car split the news with his former fiancee during the final episode that aired on March of 2018, and revealed that there was still a love interest for his fellow runner-up Burnham.

The show’s breakup created controversy in Bachelor Nation as did Luyendyk Jr.’s proposal to Burnham in The After the Final Rose special. The couple got married in 2019 and have three children including daughter Alessi as well as twins Senna and Lux.

Bachelorette's Becca Kuffrin's Dating Histories from her College Sweetheart to her Ex-Fiance Garrett Yrigoyen and More
Credit: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/Shutterstock

Garrett Yrigoyen

Kufrin discovered love in the 14th season of The Bachelorette, which premiered in May of 2018. She proposed to Yrigoyen in the finale in August, and they relocated from San Diego to San Diego together in January 2019.

Yrigoyen’s support of the police during her support of the police in the Black Lives Matter protests that will take place in 2020 however created conflict between them. Following months of speculation Kufrin said in September the same year that they had ended their engagement after two years.

“I don’t think it’s going to come as a shock to anyone, but Garrett and I have decided to end our engagement,” she said in a tearful episode of Lindsay’s and her podcast back in the day. “After numerous conversations and discussions, we reached the decision. This wasn’t something we had to make a decision at the whim of a night. It wasn’t solely based off the content of an Instagram post or someone else’s views or comments. There’s additional to this. For any relationship, there’s lots of layers and it’s not my job to share specifics. There’s no way to know anything except the information I’m giving you now.”

Bachelorette's Becca Kuffrin's Dating Histories from her College Sweetheart to her Ex-Fiance Garrett Yrigoyen and More
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Blake Horstmann

Following her breakup from Yrigoyen in the year 2020, Kufrin sparked romance speculation with Horstmann who was third-placed contestant during the Bachelorette season. The couple’s closeness caused some viewers to believe that the two were not acquaintances.

After Kufrin, the Colorado native suggested in the month of August that she and B the Label designer were “talking” before she joined season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, Kufrin has clarified their relationship. “Blake as well as I’ve always been good friends. We’ve always been supportive of each other,” she said on an episode in August on”Click Bait,” a “Click Bait” podcast. “In terms of the ‘talking,’ yeah, we’ve been in touch very sporadically, but nothing that I would say would warrant … a potential relationship.”

Horstmann reacts to Kufrin’s comments in the next month’s “Behind the Rose” podcast. “Listen, I was hurt by the podcast,” Horstmann said in his explanation. “Like you mentioned it’s not a secret that we had been in a relationship prior to that. It wasn’t something secret. Like there was no secret any way. But, more than anything I was hurt by it.”

Bachelorette's Becca Kuffrin's Dating Histories from her College Sweetheart to her Ex-Fiance Garrett Yrigoyen and More
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Thomas Jacobs

The television personality began an affair with Jacobs in the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise, which was filmed at the end of summer 2021. The pair broke up following the finale of the show in October 2021 but they rekindled their relationship when filming concluded.

“Becca and Thomas started dating again after Paradise,” ABC revealed in a show’s note at the conclusion in the show. “They are happy and in love.” Kufrin confirmed that she along with Thomas, the Season 17 Bachelorette contestant are back together through social media after the final episode airs.

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