Bachelor party for Prince William set for this weekend

    Last days as a single deserved to be celebrated, right? A bachelor party for Prince William is set for this weekend, and the one who helped the whole thing to be organized is who else than his little brother Harry.

As it’s called in British terms, the stag party is also an opportunity to mark the last weekend that Harry  spends in town before he goes to North Pole on March 29 on a charity trek 
    At his party, Prince William invited his closest friends, boys only, and though everything concerning the big bash was kept well hidden, sources from media managed to find out that is going to be a water theme party.

There will be wake boards, speedboats, water-skis and a pub crawl at bars which is only accessible by boat. Asked for details of the bachelor party an insider said: “It’s top, top secret but the dates have been marked off in the diary and security knows every detail. For privacy reasons we can’t reveal locations, but there will be plenty of booze and some legendary activities.”
    In about a month, more exactly on April 29, Prince William is going to marry his almost 7 years girlfriend Kate Middelton. During their relationship they’ve split up for a couple of times, but they always but they got together in the end.

Last year in October, they engaged and planned to marry in spring this year. While her future husband is going to have some fun, Kate will stay in England, spending time with her sister and her maid of honor, establishing the last details regarding the royal wedding. 

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