Bachelor in Paradise’s Chris Randone Tells He’s Finally “Happy” After Krystal Nielson’s split

Nature heals. Chris Randone says he’s finally feeling “happy” following his 2020 divorce from Krystal Nielson after just eight months of the couple’s marriage.

The Bachelorette season 14 contestant, 33 posted on Instagram on the 8th of October on Friday to inform his followers that the show was going better than he has for a while. He shared photos from the recent visit in Sonoma, California, for Bachelor Alum Victoria Fuller’s birthday celebration. The pictures of his vacation included the familiar Bachelor Nation faces including Spencer Robertson, Kelsey Weier, Christen Whitney, and Natasha Parker.

“Posting back on Instagram because for once I’m happy in my life again ,” he wrote on the post that is the only one that is currently visible on the feed of his Instagram feed.

The Bachelor in Paradise season 5 couple announced their quits in February of 2020 following their wedding in June of this year. They let the fans know through an announcement that they’d agreed to break up. “Never did we imagine this scenario, but we’ve come to a point where we both need to work on ourselves,” they wrote in an Valentine’s Day release.

The Change Your mindset Change Your Mindset, Change Your Energy, Change Your Life co-author confessed exclusively on DailyGossip that he wasn’t amazed when it happened. “I would be lying if I said yes,” the author told Us in August of 2020. “Because there were definitely moments where there were either warning signs or there were just mixed signals.”

But Randone found himself caught off of guard when his followers suggested that his recent Instagram post was a announcement of his coming out. “I forgot this is why I don’t f-k with Instagram,” the sales trainer wrote in the comments section of the post in October. “Being happy does not mean you’re being gay. It’s a way of beating anxiety and depression.”

He added, “I mean, I was divorced in the midst of a pandemic, and I had a lady who was expecting who I loved. Do I have time to recover? Oh, how ignorant could people get?”

Nielson 33-year-old Nielson declared divorce proceedings against she was a Florida native in the month of August and announced that she was expecting a child with her new partner Miles Bowles three months later. Randone was quick to react to the November 2020 pregnancy announcement via Instagram posting that he was “truly broken,” adding, “I’ll never be OK over it, but I’ll keep being thankful for the times I shared with this love. The affection I felt within my soul.”

Scroll down until you see the very first pictures Randone posted after his divorce.

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Via US Magazine

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